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Sharing Data Back Workshop, hosted by the NHS London team

Rescheduled for Wednesday 5th October, 10.30 am til 12 pm.

The NHS London team is currently implementing the Shared Care Records (ShCR) in Social Care Programme for the London region.

The purpose of this Programme is to support social care providers to access shared care records to enhance the care delivered to their residents and strengthen communication across the health and care system.

In preparation for this Programme, they are hosting a workshop to identify the datasets most useful for health end users to be shared back from care homes.

CASPA members are invited to share their insights on what information would be most helpful for colleagues working with care homes in your profession.

The workshop will have representation from a range of different professions across the health and care system. This workshop will cover the ShCR in Social Care Programme, PCS and Nourish datasets currently available, and the SWL ICS eRedbag Programme as a proposed approach to implementation.

  • Papers will be circulated a week before the workshop.
  • Calendar invites and Teams details have been sent to members via email.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Ntiamoah, the Digital Project Manager – Health and Care in the Community, NHS England – London.

NHS Transformation Directorate Interoperability; request for evidence

We would like to recognise the effort and hard work many people put in to improve interoperability across the NHS & Care ecosystem. Much has been achieved that we should recognise, equally much remains to be done. In order to help with this continued effort we are reaching out widely across this community of interest ecosystem for your help.

The NHS Transformation Directorate would like to request your support with the following:

  • Crowdsourcing Existing Use Cases (especially on interoperability, integration, data architecture issues and blockers in patient pathways that involve several care settings). We welcome your use cases and please send it to Please do not write a new use case but send us your existing work. There is no form or template to complete. A set of slides are attached with further information.
  • Survey on blockers to standard adoption (to identify quantitative evidence and a prioritised list of blockers to adoption which will be used to develop further policy and measures for boosting standards adoption).This is the link to the survey and it will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. We ask that you cascade these to your member, or constituent bodies and network, as well as providing a response. If you have further questions, please contact  with “Blockers Survey” in the subject line. Further information is attached.

This is an opportunity for us to gain your insight into the issues and blockers to open data architecture, data liquidity and data interoperability, and will be extremely beneficial in the planning of future national health and social care strategy. Results will also be used to inform current EPR strategies, and to improve levels of interoperability across the NHS through the development and adoption of standard.

We commit to feeding back the outputs & learning from this collection so you can see how we are using this to help shape future approaches.

Many thanks again for your help

Sonia Patel
Dave Turner
Luke Readman

NHS Transformation (NHST) Upcoming Funding Reform Plans

CASPA has engaged with the NHS Transformation (NHST) team responsible for establishing the technological requirements for the upcoming funding reform plans.   As a result, NHST has identified a need to learn more about the current software used by care providers which could support their work and may offer future opportunities for their programmes.   This offers a great opportunity for CASPA to demonstrate the capability of social care software to ensure we are given due consideration in service design.

Mason Advisory is assisting NHST in the discovery phase of planning and would like to conduct interviews with a broad range of CASPA members who have invoicing functionality in their software.  If you would like to partake in the interviews, please email as follows:




Mason Advisory has also been provided with the CASPA Membership list so they may also reach out to you directly.

NHST has also agreed to regular updates with CASPA on their plans for funding reform which we will keep members informed of.

NHSX Standards & Interoperability Participant Recruitment Survey