Why join CASPA?

The Care Software Providers Association (CASPA), is an independent association representing the views and interests of social care software providers. Since its launch in 2019, CASPA has gained recognition from statutory and regulatory bodies including DHSC, NHS Transformation Directorate (NHSX & NHS Digital), CQC, PRSB as well as from care sector organisations including the Care Provider Alliance and Digital Social Care. This has resulted in proactive collaboration on a number of important workstreams which support the increased proliferation of the use of digital systems across the health and social care sector.

Membership Benefits

CASPA is exclusively dedicated to social care and helps you to develop your business networks and enhance your visibility in the social care sector. As a CASPA member, your organisation can:

HAVE A VOICE on a wider platform and influence policy through representation of member interests at key forum attended by policy makers and other care sector influencers.

Join our WORKING GROUPS, collaborating with the NHS and other influential bodies – helping to direct and influence important policy areas.

SHARE IDEAS AND INSIGHTS with like-minded organisations and have access to greater learning opportunities.

GET INVOLVED IN PROJECTS at a national or local level that suit your product offering, therefore gaining the opportunity to contribute to and influence developments in your chosen area of focus.

CONTRIBUTE TO WHITE PAPERS and development of guidance issued by CASPA for dissemination with relevant industry bodies and care providers.

ATTEND EVENTS and participate in round tables where you will have the opportunity to interact with care policy leaders.

Membership Fees

The annual CASPA membership fee (1st June – 31st May) per organisation is £750.

Your organisation can become a CASPA member at any time during the year, subject to a one-off joining fee of £100 and payment of the annual membership fee of £750.

The membership fee is payable in full at whatever time your organisation joins during the membership year and payable via Direct Debit and billed annually.

Annual membership fees are reviewed each March/April and subject to change in June.

Find out more by emailing us at membership@caspa.care.

Member Testimonial

CoolCare joined CASPA the year it was founded and each year, has continued to be impressed by what CASPA achieves.  In a short-time, CASPA has created momentum for the digitalisation of social care at a senior policy level in Government which has led to significant support for the sector.  Via CASPA, CoolCare has felt it has a voice in decisions made about the sector which affect us.   We’ve also been kept up to date on the latest advancements which give us the inside edge on what’s coming up and enables us to influence it.   CASPA has also provided a great networking opportunity for us to get to know others working in the same field and allowing positive collaborations.   For how low the membership fee is annually, the value we get out of membership is amazing.”

Words of support from Digital Care Hub

Digital Care Hub were delighted to work with the Care Software Providers’ Association (CASPA) to secure the extension of access to GP Connect for Registered Managers and Non-Clinical staff.  Doing so has been a monumental step forward in the plans for integration between health and social care, overcoming barriers that have previously been unfathomable.

CASPA is clearly passionate in its mission to enable better interoperability to raise the quality of care and support the social care sector in its digital expansion.  It is refreshing to work with a trade association who is committed to improving the outcomes for the sector it serves, rather than the sole interests of its members.  CASPA brought fresh ideas to the table and was innovative in its approach, enabling constructive solutions to be found and blockers quickly removed.

What CASPA and Digital Care Hub achieved together has proven what is possible for the interaction between the NHS and care providers.  Digital Care Hub strongly encourages anyone who is working in this field to engage with CASPA and seek their expert advice and support.”

Membership Terms of Reference

Read the CASPA Membership terms of reference to learn more about the benefits, criteria for joining, code of conduct, working methods, fees and terms.

Members Terms of Reference

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Got any more questions?

If you have any questions about CASPA membership, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Membership Team on membership@caspa.care.

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