Name of Group: Care Software Providers Association (CASPA)

Title: CASPA Membership terms of reference


Purpose / Role of the group:

  • The promotion and continued growth of the use of digital technologies in the social care sector to improve the quality of care delivered


  • Promoting advances in the digital information flow across social care to provide openness and transparency of care being provided


  • Lobbying parties outside social care to improve the digital information flow between social care and others, in particular the NHS


  • Creating standards, such as those for electronic information transfer, where such standards do not currently exist.


Membership criteria:

CASPA membership is open to any organisation that provides software systems to organisations in the social care sector. Organisations wishing to join CASPA must be primarily focused/ based in social care and have been trading for at least 2 years



Members of the Association are accountable to the CASPA board and agree to comply with association codes of conduct where required.


Membership Code of Conduct:

All members are bound by a mutual non-disclosure agreement, whereby anything learnt about a competitor member as a result of CASPA cannot be used for commercial benefit.

All members agree that the purpose of CASPA will not be undermined by their actions or communications.

Any member is free to leave CASPA at any stage, but there will be no refund in any membership fees that have been charged.

In order to ensure that CASPA operates efficiently, membership fees will be charged annually in advance and must be paid within no more than 30 days of receipt, and ideally immediately.

It is expected that all CASPA members will speak positively to third parties about any member or potential member


Working methods:


  1. Quarterly board meetings to decide the activities for CASPA and monitor progress to agreed milestones.
  2. The CASPA board will hold an annual general meeting to review performance and report on agreed metrics.
  3. Members may attend the annual general meetings on invitation by the CASPA board

Minutes of meetings

The secretary shall minute all board meetings and circulate relevant minutes to members



The quorum necessary for the transaction of business shall be at least one board member from each of the founding organisations. A duly convened meeting at which a quorum is present shall be competent to exercise any of the authorities, powers vested or exercisable by the CASPA board.



Date ToR Approved: September 2019

Review Date: Annually from data of approval