CASPA Conference: Cyber Security and Governance in Social Care

October 2023

The CASPA conference took place on Tuesday 10th October 2023, at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel.

The event considered the cyber security challenges facing social care.

In attendance were CASPA members, the CASPA Board and the following speakers:

  • Adam Coe – Cyber Security Policy Lead for Adult Social Care, NHS Transformation | Keynote Address – ASC cyber resilience update
  • Chris Colledge – Head of Cloud Presales, Bytes | Selecting the right blend of infrastructure, tooling, and security to deliver exceptional outcomes in delivering software.
  • Peter Skinner – Programme Director for Digitising Social Care, NHSTD
  • Gerry Johansen – Principal Readiness Engineer, Red Canary | Cyber incident management 
  • Katie Thorn – Project Lead, Digital Care Hub | Cyber security in social care – a provider perspective

The conference was sponsored by Bytes, Red Canary and Darktrace.

You can download an overview of the event below.