The Care Software Providers Association (CASPA), is an independent association representing the views and interests of social care software providers.

The objectives of CASPA are:

The promotion and continued growth of the use of digital technologies in the social care sector to improve the quality of care delivered

Promoting advances in the digital information flow across social care to provide openness and transparency of care being provided

Lobbying parties outside social care to improve the digital information flow between social care and others, in particular the NHS

Creating standards, such as those for electronic information transfer, where such standards do not currently exist

To create a framework to assist in providing service continuity for members customers

What it means to be a CASPA member


The association will present members views when making representations to government and other agencies; when reviewing policy or legislation; and when seeking the wider views of the business community. Members benefit from having a central point of contact on issues facing the industry.

CASPA has been established in the UK as an independent, not for profit, member-driven association.  Membership is available to companies involved in the provision of software to the care sector. The association is currently led by a volunteer group of founding board members, each of whom manages a well-established software company that provides solutions for social care providers.

Words of support from Digital Care Hub

Digital Care Hub were delighted to work with the Care Software Providers’ Association (CASPA) to secure the extension of access to GP Connect for Registered Managers and Non-Clinical staff.  Doing so has been a monumental step forward in the plans for integration between health and social care, overcoming barriers that have previously been unfathomable.

CASPA is clearly passionate in its mission to enable better interoperability to raise the quality of care and support the social care sector in its digital expansion.  It is refreshing to work with a trade association who is committed to improving the outcomes for the sector it serves, rather than the sole interests of its members.  CASPA brought fresh ideas to the table and was innovative in its approach, enabling constructive solutions to be found and blockers quickly removed.

What CASPA and Digital Care Hub achieved together has proven what is possible for the interaction between the NHS and care providers.  Digital Care Hub strongly encourages anyone who is working in this field to engage with CASPA and seek their expert advice and support.”

For further information regarding membership and CASPA activities, please contact The Membership Team: