CASPA GP Connect Whitepaper

Joining up the front line
A proven blueprint for data exchange between health and social care

The social care sector has an increasingly important role to play in keeping people healthy in the community. Care providers can only fulfil this role effectively if they have fast, complete and accurate information about the people in their care.
Better data sharing between health and social care is key.

To start the journey towards a more joined-up approach between the two sectors, The Care Software Providers Association (CASPA*) worked with the NHS Transformation Directorate (and previously NHS Digital and NHSX) to deliver a GP to Social Care data-sharing solution, including necessary Information Governance pathways and approvals e.g. the ICO & NDG.

This solution gives authorised social care providers access to care receivers’ GP data via Digital Social Care Records (DSCRs) and GP Connect, the latter being the NHS digital service which enables clinical staff to view GP practice medical information securely online in real-time. Over a thousand social care sites have signed up to the solution since it went live in 2021, looking after 48,283 care receivers (May 2023) and care provider interest continues to grow rapidly.

This white paper outlines the process used in gaining stakeholder buy-in,  the progress made since the launch of the solution and looks at the early impact on social care providers and those they care for. It also explores what still needs to be done to further join up health and social care to relieve pressure on the NHS and help people live happier, healthier lives in their communities.