The Data Security and Protection Toolkit

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) is a really helpful annual self-assessment for health and care organisations. It shows care providers what you need to do to keep people’s information safe and to protect your business from the risk of a data breach or a cyber-attack. It covers both paper and digital records.

When you complete the toolkit, you can publish and share information about the standard you have reached and how you are improving your policies and practice.

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit is official and well-recognised.

Central and local government bodies, local authority and CCG commissioners, the Care Quality Commission and the National Data Guardian recognise it as the official tool to evaluate your compliance with legal requirements, Data Security Standards and good practice.

It has been developed by the NHS and updated in consultation with care providers to ensure it is social-care friendly.

By using the toolkit on an annual basis and reaching Standards Met, you will be able to:

  • reassure people who use services, their families and your staff that you are managing their information safely. Most people expect you to share information with others who support them – but you must do this securely and legally;
  • answer the Care Quality Commission’s Key Line of Enquiry questions about how you manage data securely (see KLOE W.2.8);
  • Demonstrate that you meet legal requirements including Data Protection Legislation and the Data Security Standards;
  • access key services such as NHSmail and shared care records – and future data interoperability to support collaboration with health partners.

Digital Social Care Recording platforms deal with a substantial part of the data that providers need to manage as part of their data controller obligations; hence – when a provider is preparing their DSPT, the software supplier (data processor for personal and care-related information) should provide care providers with evidence to support the provider’s DSPT application.

Several members of CASPA have created pre-populated templates to support care providers in preparing their DSPT processes; these can be viewed below.