CASPA Welcomes Government Funding for Rapid Digitalisation of Social Care whilst it Cautions Against an NHS Centric Approach

15th June 2022

The Care Software Providers Association (CASPA) is pleased that our education of policymakers on the benefits of digitalising social care, has secured a continued commitment and funding from the Government to expedite the adoption of care tech.

Digitalising social care provides benefits for all involved in the care cycle, improving outcomes for individuals, supporting a smooth transition between locations and enabling better oversight by regulators.

Whilst the increased focus and targets on digitalising social care by the Government is to be commended, it is, however, clear that there is still an NHS first approach, which risks the effectiveness of the implementation of these policies and could undermine the impact of the digital agenda.

One of the key tenets of the joint Digital Social Care and CASPA “North Star” principles for digital implementation in social care is that the roll-out of digital systems should be inclusive of social care providers and people receiving care in the decision-making process.

As the representatives of care technology suppliers for social care in the UK, CASPA is, therefore continuing to work across Whitehall to make sure that social care is a central focus in policy and operational decisions on the roll-out of digital services.


Press Contact details

Press contact: Georgia Ginnaw