CASPA Appoints Public Affairs Specialists, GK Strategy

13th February 2023

CASPA are at a critical juncture for the digitalisation of social care. There has never been a clearer policy mandate which recognises the importance of technology for social care – in large part due to the policy engagement by CASPA.  

As policies are shaped and funding streams implemented, it is critical that this is done correctly in the interest of social care. CASPA’s input in these decisions is more vital than ever as there is a significant risk that NHS needs could overshadow social care in decisions.  

CASPA has therefore appointed public affairs specialists, GK Strategy, to support CASPA in gaining support for the North Star Principles of Digitalisation in Social Care. They will assist CASPA in crafting messages effective with policymakers and influencers over the next few months. 

CASPA is a UK based independent, not-for-profit association focused on maximising the use of digital technology to improve the quality of care in social care and has been instrumental in showcasing electronic transfer of care information between social care and the NHS. CASPA strives to implement legislation and regulatory guidelines within the industry where such standards do not currently exist.

Membership is available to companies involved in the provision of software to the care sector. Members of CASPA benefit from having a central point of contact on issues facing the industry, and the association will represent members when bringing suggestions to the government and other industry bodies.

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